The Discipleship Training School, which is popularly known as “DTS” was developed by Loren Cunningham, the founder of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), as a practical training course to prepare missionary candidates.

The greatest strength of DTS training is its emphasis on learning God’s character and experiencing His ways so that the student will experience personal growth and spiritual maturity, while developing an intimate relationship with God.

Currently, most DTS trainings are conducted as 5-month residential programs at the accredited YWAM bases or at various campuses of the University of the Nations
around the world, and still functions as the basic training course for missionary candidates within YWAM.

What is Daniel DTS?

Daniel DTS is a training based on the model of YWAM’s DTS, but modified to fit within the context of local areas, for students who cannot afford to enroll in a 5-month residential DTS program due to their family, work or their educational endeavors.

Even though Daniel DTS is neither accredited nor affiliated with YWAM’s University of the Nations, our curriculum is quite similar to other DTS schools in its content. And most of our guest lecturers are YWAM missionaries or pastors who have been ministering in DTS schools worldwide.

To distinguish this training from other DTS trainings at YWAM bases, we named our school “Daniel DTS” referring to the Raising of the Next Generation.

We offer the school in the spring and fall of each year. If you’re interested in attending the school, please check out Apply.
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