Daniel DTS Spring School

Bringing the fullness of God to the next generation

The character of God is revealed to us in Scripture through several ways. It is through God’s divine names, His deeds and character, through His voice, and through the Life of Jesus.

The Disciple Training School (DTS) is designed to bring the fullness of God to the Next Generation.
The goal is to build Christian character and establish Biblical relationships while maturing a daily walk with Him. God is longing to raise up the next generation of Daniels, Joshuas, Elijahs, Jeremiahs, Peters, Abrahams, Davids, Pauls, Esthers, Deborahs, Hannahs, Marys and Moses.

The course will cover Meditations, The Character of God, Hearing the Voice of God, Worship, The Cross, Healing/Restoration, The Holy Spirit, Missions and Spiritual Warfare.

Fall & Spring DTS will begin with a 12-week lecture phase and end with a 2-week Outreach.
This course develops the student in their spiritual disciplines and prepares them for the Lord’s Call to ”Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations” Matthew 28:19.

Upcoming Events

2020 Spring School

February 23, 2020